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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Compile time ARRAY IN RPGLE

Compile time (loaded by CTDATA)

In the case of compile time arrays, the arrays must be populated at the time of compilation. The compile time arrays of RPGLE are used mainly to store error messages. Though this is not limited to error message population only. The data of a compile time array is defined at the end of all the source codes at the bottom.

For a compile-time array, enter array source data into records in the program source member. If you use the **ALTSEQ, **CTDATA, and **FTRANS keywords, the array data may be entered in anywhere following the source records. If you do not use those keywords, the array data must follow the source records, and any alternate collating sequence or file translation records in the order in which the compile-time arrays and tables were defined on the definition specifications. This data is loaded into the array when the program is compiled. Until the program is recompiled with new data, the array will always initially have the same values each time you call the program unless the previous call ended with LR off.

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