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Thursday, 29 November 2012

data types in rpg

    Leave the field blank for a character field, or a packed decimal
    standalone field, or a zoned decimal field data structure    
    subfield.  For zoned or packed data types, the decimal positions
    field must be nonblank.                                      

    Type A if this is a character field.                         

    Type B if this is a fixed binary field.                      

    Type D if this is a date field.                              


     Type F if this is a floating-point field. 
     Type G if this is a graphic character field.
     Type I if this is a signed integer field. 
     Type N if this is an indicator field.     
     Type P if this is a packed decimal field. 
     Type S if this is a zoned field.          

     Type T if this is a time field.           
     Type U if this is a unsigned integer field.
     Type Z if this is a timestamp field.     
     Type * if this is a pointer field.       

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