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Saturday, 24 November 2012

dclf command in as400

Declare File (DCLF)

 it is used for declare a device file such as disply file or database file



Keyword Description Choices Notes
FILE File Qualified object name Required, Positional 1
Qualifier 1: File Name
Qualifier 2: Library Name, *LIBL, *CURLIB
RCDFMT Record format Single values: *ALL
Other values (up to 50 repetitions): Name
Optional, Positional 2
OPNID Open file identifier Simple name, *NONE Optional
ALWVARLEN Allow variable length fields *NO, *YES Optional
ALWNULL Allow field value of null *NO, *YES Optional
ALWGRAPHIC Allow graphic fields *NO, *YES Optional
DCLBINFLD Declare binary fields *DEC, *INT Optional


  Accessing the database using clp

1)using cl program we view the data in database file
2)we cannot delete update or write out to the file

      *************** Beginning of data **********
01.00 PGM                                        
02.00              DCLF       FILE(PF001)        
03.00              RCVF       RCDFMT(PF001R)     
04.00              SNDUSRMSG  MSG(&NAME)         
05.00              RCVF       RCDFMT(PF001R)     
06.00              SNDUSRMSG  MSG(&NAME)         
07.00 ENDPGM                                     
      ****************** End of data *************

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