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Sunday, 18 November 2012

call command in clp

The Call (CALL) command calls a program named on the command, and passes control to it. Optionally, the program or user issuing the CALL command can pass parameters to the called program. The CALL command can be used in batch jobs, in interactive jobs, and in both compiled and interpreted control language (CL). When the called program finishes processing, it can return control to the calling program using the RETURN command.

in command line
CALL   PGM(clp001)
example in program
        *************** Beginning of data *************************************
0001.00 PGM                                                                    
0002.00              CALL       CLP002                                         
0003.00              CALL       CLP003                                         
0004.00              CALL       CLP004                                         
0006.00 ENDPGM                                                                 
        ****************** End of data ****************************************

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