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Sunday, 18 November 2012

sndpgmmsg in as400

                       Send Program Message (SNDPGMMSG)
The Send Program Message (SNDPGMMSG) command sends a message to a     
named message queue or to a call message queue.  A call message       
queue can be the *EXT external message queue or a message queue       
associated with a call stack entry.  Each time a program or           
procedure is called a new message queue is associated with its call   
stack entry.  The message queue is identified by the name of its      
associated program or procedure.                                      
A program can send a message to its own message queue or to a         
message queue that is associated with a different call stack entry.   
This command can send both exception and non-exception messages.   

The SNDPGMMSG command allows a message of up to 512 characters
to be sent.  However, if the message is sent to the *EXT     
message queue of an interactive job, only 76 characters are  
shown on the Display Program Messages display.


             SNDPGMMSG  MSG('simple message')

 ===>                                                                          F3=Exit          F4=Prompt             F5=Refresh            F6=Create      
 F9=Retrieve      F10=Command entry     F23=More options      F24=More keys  
 simple message               
       *************** Beginning of data *************************************
001.00 PGM                                                                   
002.00              DCL        VAR(&NAME) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(20) VALUE('my +    
003.00                           name is RAMESH')                            
004.00              IF         COND((%SST(&NAME 12 6)) *EQ 'RAMESH') THEN(DO)
005.00              SNDPGMMSG  MSG(&NAME)                                    
006.00              ENDDO                                                    
007.00 ENDPGM                                                                
       ****************** End of data ****************************************
in msgarea

my name is ramesh
      *************** Beginning of data ************************************
01.00 PGM                                                                  
02.00              DCL        VAR(&NAME) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(20) VALUE('my +   
03.00                           name is RAMESH')                           
04.00              IF         COND((%SST(&NAME 12 6)) *EQ 'RAMESH') THEN(DO)
05.00              SNDPGMMSG  MSG(&NAME) TOPGMQ(*EXT)                      
06.00              ENDDO                                                   
07.00 ENDPGM                                                               
      ****************** End of data ***************************************
 Job 421214/CHVRAMESH/QPADEV004S changed by JOBMANAGER.
Job 421214/CHVRAMESH/QPADEV004S changed by JOBMANAGER.
my name is RAMESH                                    

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